Specialties Real Estate & Property Law

Real Estate & Property Law

A- Land Registry Transactions

B- Rental Transactions and Lease Disputes

  • Preparation of Rental Agreements
  • Follow-up and Collection of Rent Receivables
  • Determination and Adjustment of Rental Price
  • Damage Assessment in Eviction Cases and Evicted Leased Property
  • Lawsuits Arising from Breach of Contract and Defective Leased Property
  • Imprisonment Request due to Lessor’s Rent Receivable
  • Useful and Mandatory Expenses 
  • Determination of the Place of Payment

C- Urban Transformation Process Management

D- Contracts for the Establishment of Real and Personal Rights and Lawsuits Arising Therefrom

E- Purchase and Sale Agreements

F- Real Estate Finance

G- Land Registry Cancellation and Registration Cases

H- Zoning Implementations

I- Annulment Cases Based on Abuse of Power of Attorney

J- Determination and Registration of Ownership of Construction Machinery

K- Non-Intervention Cases

L- Cancellation Cases Based on Collusion

M- Management Plan Amendments and Revisions

N- Participation in PFC Meetings

O- Expropriation

  • Urgent Expropriation
  • Cancellation of Expropriation
  • Compensation and Adequate Pay due to Expropriation Without Expropriation
  • Monitoring Settlement Processes
  • Prevention of Intervention
  • Determination of Expropriation Value and Registration
  • Increasing the Expropriation Price