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Competition Law

Gülaç Law Firm, bolstered by its adept team specializing in competition law, offers comprehensive consultancy services to guide clients in adhering to competition law regulations throughout their endeavors. This guidance extends from the foundational stages, encompassing practices such as curbing unfair competition in imports, facilitating on-site examinations and investigations, and extending support for global leniency applications. Our services also encompass mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures, along with individual exemption and negative determination applications. We also provide invaluable legal counsel throughout the judicial process aimed at remedying damages arising from violations of competition law. Beyond horizontal and vertical agreements, licensing agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and joint venture notifications, we effectively oversee competition law aspects in merger and acquisition projects. Furthermore, we adeptly manage the process of overseeing applications before the Competition Authority, particularly in matters involving negative determination and exemption procedures, as well as cases involving monopolization and practices that restrict competition.