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Founded in 2001 in Alsancak, Izmir, Gülaç Law Firm has grown to become one of the Aegean Region’s largest law offices. We specialize in offering comprehensive legal consultancy and advocacy services to both local and international clients across a diverse range of legal disciplines.

Gülaç Law Firm stands as a steadfast provider of trustworthy, prompt, and efficient legal support across a spectrum of needs. Our accomplished, youthful, and dynamic team is dedicated to delivering expertise in various fields. Embracing a “preventive law” approach, we aspire not only to resolve existing disputes but also to proactively avert potential issues before they manifest, all the while striving to craft effective solutions.

Presently, Gülaç Law Firm maintains offices not only in Izmir but also in Barcelona, Bremen, London, Michigan, and Athens, reflecting its commitment to widespread service. The firm’s ambition lies in a gradual expansion of its service coverage over time.

Gülaç Law Firm operates with four distinct departments, each staffed by team members possessing comprehensive expertise and experience across various legal domains. This dynamic structure enables continuous growth and a progressive enhancement of our service quality, a trajectory we pursue steadfastly.

Gülaç Law Office, today, conducts its activities on an international scale with offices established not only in İzmir but also in Bremen, Michigan, Athens, and Barcelona.







‘‘Independence, future, freedom, and everything depends on justice.’’

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Gülaç Values


The firm consistently explores innovative ideas and ways in which it can make a distinctive impact on the industry.

Efficiency and Dynamism

“The firm operates dynamically and proactively to achieve results that prioritize efficiency in all its endeavors.”

Transparency and Accountability

It safeguards the rights of its clients, skillfully sets boundaries, and fosters open and transparent communication.

Sincerity and Honesty

While ensuring the protection of clients’ rights, the Firm values genuine and honest communication at every stage, even down to the smallest details.

History of Gülaç Law Firm

  1. March, 2001

    The firm was founded by Adv. Orkun Gülaç & Av. Elvan Gülaç in Alsancak, Izmir.

  2. May, 2015

    The departmentalization system was introduced, facilitating the provision of a ‘full-service’ model to over 270 clients across four distinct departments.

  3. March, 2018

    Izmir’s first, Turkey’s second concordat decision was taken.

  4. January, 2020

    Barcelona office was opened.

  5. February, 2022

    The Gülaç Law team, consisting of 37 lawyers, has reached a total of 50 people.

  6. March, 2022

    After the precedent case was filed, the expenses for Opdivo, a drug utilized in cancer treatment, were covered by the SSI.

  7. October, 2022

    Gulac Legal Services started its operations in Michigan, USA.

  8. December, 2022

    Bremen Office was opened.

  9. March, 2023

    Athens office was opened.