Specialties Enforcement & Bankruptcy Law

Enforcement & Bankruptcy Law

A- Debt Follow-up Procedures

  • Follow-up Procedures for Invoice Receivables
  • Follow-up Procedures Regarding Checks / Bills (of Exchange) Receivables
  • Follow-up of Receivables Based on Contracts
  • Follow-up of Rent Receivables
  • Legal Follow-up Procedures Regarding All Kinds of Receivables with or without Judgement

B- Transactions Regarding Alimony Receivables

C- Lawsuits and Proceedings Regarding Concordat and Bankruptcy Postponement

D- Bankruptcy Management of Companies

E- Real Estate and Securities Purchase/Sale Transactions arising from the EBL (Enforcement & Bankruptcy Law)

F- All Civil and Criminal Cases Arising from the EBL (Enforcement & Bankruptcy Law)

  • Debt Objection Cases
  • Cancellation of Objection Cases
  • Signature Objection Cases
  • Eviction Cases
  • Bad Check Complaints